SPA & HOME KIT - Restore and Protect Vinyl Spa Covers, Patio Furniture, Grills and More

  • The ONCE-A-YEAR spa cover, enclosure, patio furniture RESTORATION KIT from RENEW-PRO

  • RP.SPA creates a POLYMER/CERAMIC protective DRY SEAL that protects surfaces from UV rays, ozone, and other harmful environmental factors

  • RENEWS and PROTECTS faded tops and enclosures (non-wood), vinyl, plastic 

  • PREVENTS DRY ROT and FADING while restoring the elements of the original manufacturing (OEM) process

  • KIT INCLUDES prep melamine sponges, microfiber pad, application brush, and gloves



Bring new life and a rich, durable finish to your spa cover, tub surround, and patio furniture and more with a tough, dry-seal finish that lasts all year long with RP.SPA & HOME.

RP.SPA & HOME replenishes the plasticizers and polymers which have been damaged due to usage and exposure and protectively seals with a strong polymer/ceramic UV and ozone block. Its hydrophobic properties repel dirt and water to give your surface greater longevity and weather protection while preventing dry rot.

Application note: Use only 1.5oz for newer covers and 3-4oz for weathered covers or full enclosure. A little goes a long way! For Sunbrella® and other outdoor fabrics, use RP.12 ceramic spray protectant



"I used this on our spa cover and really loved the results, so I contacted the company and asked if I could also use it on our patio furniture. As you can see, it made our old table and chairs look NEW."

Graham Walker

"I spent a good bit of time online trying to find the best way to prolong the life of my very weathered hot tub cover. I moved to New Mexico two years ago and the sun and hail have really taken a toll. It seemed to happen suddenly and I really can't buy an expensive cover now. From everything I researched this looked like a good product. I was really pleased when I received the product with great scrubbers, an applicator and even rubber gloves to use to do the initial cleaning and application. It is important to watch the video from the company so you can clean the top properly before application. I was not hoping for a miracle but I was really pleased. I called the company with a couple of questions and they could not have been nicer or more helpful. Great customer service- a great product.! Thank you to the folks at RENEW-PRO!"

Desert Artist