SHOP CASE - 128 oz Mix-Your-Own Case of BLAK/SATN/GLOZ Polymer-Ceramic Protectants

  • MIX-AND-MATCH any 8 bottles of BLAK, SATN, and GLOZ for maximum savings

  • Creates a COVALENT BOND finish on tires, trim, bumpers, rubber, plastic, vinyl, and flat or dull paint

  • Forms a DURABLE polymer/ceramic DRY SEAL that protects surfaces from UV and ozone

  • PREVENTS DRY ROT and FADING while restoring the elements of the original manufacturing process


Use RENEW-PRO BLAK, SATN, and GLOZ to restore the weathered and faded surfaces of tires, trim, vinyl, and plastics with a rich and durable luster. These products are once-a-year treatments that protect surfaces from UV and ozone, prevent dry rot, and are safe to use on motorcycles and golf carts.

BLAK, SATN, and GLOZ restore the shine on exterior surfaces by replenishing the plasticizers, and polymers which have been lost to usage and exposure. They are formulated to create a tough dry seal that repels dirt and water and can withstand repeated cleaning with mild soap.

RENEW-PRO offers a completely new approach to surface restoration and preservation. Almost all protectants currently on the market contain petrochemical solvents that slowly degrade surfaces and actually contribute to fading and dry rot. Unlike those “protectants,” RENEW-PRO is silicone- and oil-free and contains no harsh or slippery chemicals.