RP.12 - SiO2 & TiO2 CERAMIC Spray Hybrid for Exterior Surfaces and Sunbrella® Fabric

  • RP.12 is a ONCE-A-YEAR spray-on, CERAMIC HYBRID blend for exterior surfaces

  • Forms a quartz SILICA and TITANIUM CERAMIC HYDROPHOBIC barrier that protects surfaces from UV and ozone

  • Environmentally friendly, water-based formula with quartz and carbon nano-ceramics to seal and block the adherence of dust, ice, salt, graffiti, and micro-contaminants

  • Proudly MADE IN THE USA

  • Includes a FREE sample of GLOZ


RP.12 is a unique, once-a-year wipe-on or a spray-on blend of quartz, titanium, aluminum, zinc, and carbon nano-ceramics that creates a long-lasting, hydrophobic, self-cleaning, seal. It can be used in an incredible number of applications, everything from auto, aviation, marine, RV, glass, signs, awnings, fabric spa covers, Sunbrella®, patio furniture, and more. This advanced ceramic seal blocks UV rays and reduces the adherence of dirt, salt, ice, graffiti, and environmental/industrial micro-contaminants. Applications can be layered for even greater longevity.



"Amazing product! Will buy again."

Damon Wilson

"Really worked well on several different types of surfaces. I was quite impressed with this stuff. I've tried it on several things so far: car, patio furniture, and even my bicycle, and it really made the look great. Seems to be holding up to the elements and helping to shed water and some dust."

Lou Pippen

"I love washing my own cars, but always found that the clay bar and wax routine took too much time. After trying this, I can now wash the car and, after drying it off, I can quickly use RP.12 to finish the job in record time. Not to mention that it causes my car to look freshly polished for a long time, even after a rain! Was also pleasantly surprised at how well it worked on the windows. Give it a try. It will change the way you wash your car."

M. Mikolav