RP.11 - ONE-STEP Ceramic Hybrid Detailer/Cleaner & Polish/Sealer

  • A ceramic hybrid, detailer/cleaner AND fine polish/sealer for almost ANY hard surface

  • Infused with silica quartz and titanium nano-ceramics and blended with advanced polymers and high-grade carnauba wax

  • Cleans, polishes, & protects in ONE STEP

  • Proudly made in the USA

  • Includes a FREE sample of GLOZ


RP.11 a ceramic, polymer, and carnauba wax blended, high lubricity, waterless, detail spray polish that creates a slick, hydrophobic surface. It’s the perfect product designed for regular cleaning and ceramic-sealed surface maintenance. RP.11 can be used on the entire vehicle exterior and can be applied to cars, motorcycles, golf carts, RVs, boats, windshields, stainless steel, acrylic and vinyl windows, shower doors, exterior and tinted glass, vinyl wrap, plastic and vinyl signs, and more.

NOTE: For best results on RUBBER, PLASTIC, & VINYL, treat with RENEW-PRO’s GLOZ, BLAK, or SATN before using RP.11

NOT FOR USE ON: seats, grips, foot pegs, pedals, steering wheels, or flooring


... you realize the product you bought blindly works way better than you imagined

"To be honest, I’ve been searching for a product like this for over a decade. Not just the RP.11 but so far I’ve had the chance to use BLAK and GLOZ as well on my tires and trim with amazing results. Again, I’m more than impressed by all the products of the Renew Protect line that I’ve tried so far, and look forward to giving the all new “RP.12” a shot in the near future.
This is a must have for any and all serious automotive enthusiasts.   

"I have tried several ceramic detail sprays everything from mcguire to chemical guys c9 to adams ceramic products. All of those products work and work very well no complaints but this renew rp11 is amazing. Its easy to use just spray on spread evenly the with new microfiber just wipe off n buff. The results are amazing. No streaks or haze on body, rims or even glass windows. You can see the reflection of the rp11 bottle and the car that is parked next to my 2016 dodge durango rt. You can see clear reflection on rims, windows and side body panels. Very nice product and I was skeptical just like everyone else so I took the plunge and it is really good."      Will