RP.05 - LAST OF STOCK - Ceramic Hybrid Sealer & Medium Polish for Clear Coat, Acrylic, Paint, and Vinyl Wrap


  • 18% QUARTZ & TITANIUM nano-ceramic POLISH and POLYMER SEALER for auto, RV, golf cart, and motorcycle

  • Medium-level compound and polish that SEALS AND PROTECTS IN ONE STEP

  • Provides a MIRROR-LIKE FINISH, ENHANCED COLOR DEPTH, and UV protection


  • Includes a FREE sample of GLOZ


We at D3 | RENEW PROTECT created RP.05 to combine quartz & titanium nano-ceramics and medium-level polishing abrasives infused into a tough polymer sealer. Polishing an exterior surface with RP.05 produces a high-gloss, mirror-like finish with enhanced color depth. Hydrophobic, self-cleaning properties mean that less washing will be required. Incredible longevity is achieved by the combination of advanced polymer sealants and titanium and quartz nano-ceramics.

RP.05 is a medium-cut polish that corrects buffer swirls, micro-surface imperfections, and oxidation. It can remove 3000-grit sandpaper scratches and similar imperfections on clear coat, gel coat, acrylic, paint, polished plastics, and vinyl. RP.05 can be used as a once-a-year, one-step finish. Apply by hand or DA polisher.

Tip: For regular cleaning and ceramic maintenance, use RP.11 or RP.12 ceramic sprays.



Great product and very effective.


"I just applied RP.05 to my 2016 Jeep and it was WOW after the removal process. I can honestly say that I will never use anything other than this product. RP.05 is the greatest."

Galan P.

"Had car professionally buffed with the products. Makes car so slick that a good rain practically cleans the car and glass. Love it."

Suzette Gray

"Love this all-in-one finish! Easy to use and great protection! Thanks D3 |


Karin Doss