GLAS2 - Professional Only - Titanium-Quartz Ceramic Sealer for Glass, Signage, RV, & Auto

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  • GLAS2 is a spray-on, low gloss, INDUSTRIAL-GRADE TiO2-based CERAMIC SEALER for glass, signage, and automotive applications

  • Forms a DURABLE TITANIUM CERAMIC BARRIER that protects surfaces from UV and ozone with a hydrophobic seal

  • Environmentally friendly, water-based formula to seal and block the adherence of dust, ice, salt, graffiti, and micro-contaminants

  • Proudly MADE IN THE USA

  • Recommended for professional use only


D3 | RENEW PROTECT GLAS2 is a unique, low gloss, super-durable wipe-on or a spray-on blend of titanium, quartz, aluminum, zinc, and carbon nano-ceramics for professional-grade protection of exterior surfaces. GLAS2 creates an 8H Mohs covalent bond, blocks damaging UV rays, and reduces maintenance costs with its self-cleaning, hydrophobic seal to block the adherence of pollutants. Applications can be layered for greater longevity.

DIRECTIONS: Apply GLAS2 to a fully clean and cool surface in a shaded area. Spray or wipe directly onto the surface with a microfiber towel and/or ceramic applicator. Apply in 3 x 3-foot workable areas. Wipe with a microfiber towel until dry and clear. For spray-gun application, a 0.5 tip is recommended for fogging the surface, then allowing it to dry. If the finish appears hazy, spray and quickly wipe again or lightly buff.