All RENEW-PRO products combine titanium and quartz ceramics for extreme protective coatings.

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You know how important it is to replace your tires when they get too worn out to offer sufficient performance as a long-term car owner. However, even before your tires start to dry, they may be damaged. The development of dry rot is one of the most frequent causes of early tire wear.

Tire dry rot, unlike dry rot that may damage your home's wood, is not produced by organic development and cannot transfer from one tire to another. The phrase "dry rot" refers to a kind of tire rot that may develop when a tire ages or is exposed to hazardous chemicals and surroundings on a frequent basis.
When dry rot develops in a tire, you only have a limited amount of time to fix the damage before the tires become dangerous to drive. A specialist may use a tire solution to treat minor dry rot.

Advanced dry rot tires must be replaced. Dry rot causes air to leave the tire, making maintaining enough pressure difficult, but not impossible. Dry rot may also cause abnormal rubber expansion when driving, causing the tire to burst. Leaks, holes, and blowouts are considerably more common in tires with dry rot. In serious conditions, the tread may completely break from the body of the tire.  

What Causes Tire Dry Rot? 

While dry rot is permanent, it's important to keep your tires from developing cracks. The first step in avoiding dry rot is to replace your old tires with new, high-quality tires. Premature dry rot is less likely to occur in these tires. Pay attention to the chemicals and circumstances that your tires are exposed to over time to preserve them and stop tire dry rot. The following should be avoided:

Pool treatment chemicals, motor oil, and industrial cleaning solutions are examples of abrasive or corrosive chemicals.

  • UV rays are emitted by excessive or direct sunlight on the tires.
  • Extremely cold conditions
  • Extremely hot temperatures
  • Long periods of inactivity
  • Electrical equipment produces ozone.
  • Under inflation, particularly when the vehicle is used often.

How to Prevent Dry Rotting? 

By adopting a few preventive measures, you can minimize the causes that cause dry rot. When changing an outdated pair of tires, invest in high-quality tires. Select high-quality tires over low-cost tires when buying new tires, and choose tires based on speed rating and tread wear strength. 
  • Keep your vehicle out of the sun as much as possible by driving on a regular basis and not letting it remain unused for extended periods of time. The most common cause of fading and cracking is UV exposure. 
  • Reduce the amount of ozone exposure in the atmosphere. Ozone is a highly reactive gas made up of three oxygen atoms that may be found in both natural and artificial environments. Vinyl, plastics, textiles, paint, and rubber are just a few of the items that may be damaged by ozone. 
  • Eliminate the use of 'protectants' or 'tire dressing.' Almost all of these products, regardless of whether they claim to be petrochemical-free, silicone-free, oil-based, or water-based, are made up of silicone, oil, and emulsifiers. Protectants include emulsifiers, wetting agents, solvents, surfactants, dispersants, and detergents.
  • These cosmetics just improve the look of the skin by giving temporary moisture and gloss. Keep in mind that a solvent will eventually tear down any surface. Protectants emulsify also decrease the protective waxes in rubber. Most protectants should be labeled as "cleaners with shiny things mixed in," and certain tire manufacturers may refuse to fulfill damage guarantees if the usage of such protectant products is discovered. 
  • Think about the cleaners you use and how you use them. High pH cleansers are used in tire cleaners and automated car washes to clean the surfaces, however, they ultimately damage the materials. The RENEW-PRO treated surfaces will need much less cleaning and may even remove the requirement for tire cleaners. 
  • Taking care of your tires, driving your vehicle on a regular basis, and keeping the tires correctly inflated are the best ways to avoid dry rot. If you always park your car, do it in a garage, ideally one with temperature control. Check your air pressure at least in a month. Dry rot, which may lead to dry-rot blowouts, can also be avoided by storing your vehicle with blocks below the tires.

 RENEW-PRO Tire Dry Rot Prevention Products

 RENEW-PRO BLAK, SATN, and GLOZ provide co-polymer key components that restore the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) composition of the surface, providing a lasting repair for plastic fading and vinyl cracking. With embedded quartz, zinc, and titanium nano-ceramic oxides, it also produces dry-seal ozone and UV barrier which gives excellent tire dry rot protection.

This technique also helps to prevent blooming and off-gassing, as well as improving the preservation of protective components on the surface for dry rot tires treatment. RENEW-PRO BLAK also has a high concentration of UV-blocking carbon black, making it excellent for restoring fading black surfaces. RENEW-PRO has no silicone, oil, or active petrochemical solvents. It creates a dry seal.



RENEW-PRO BLAK (by RENEW PROTECT) restores a deep and lasting black shine to worn and faded surfaces such as tires, trim, vinyl, and plastics. BLAK is a once-a-year treatment that protects surfaces from UV and ozone exposure, prevents dry rot, and is suitable for motorcycles and golf carts. BLAK is a tire protectant from dry rot that restores the deep black color and shines on external surfaces and a high level of fading.


SATN & GLOZ will restore lite to mid-level fading and protect tires from dry rotting. The plasticizers and polymers that have been lost due to using and exposure products restore back and give a good shine on external surfaces. SATN & GLOZ is designed to produce a strong dry seal that prevents dirt and water and can be cleaned with mild soap many times. 

RENEW-PRO is a revolutionary method to surface preservation and repair. Almost all current protectants include petrochemical solvents, which damage surfaces over time and lead to fading and dry rot. RENEW-PRO, unlike other "protectants," is silicone- and oil-free, with no harsh or slippery ingredients.  


RENEW-PRO is a tire dry rot repair product that restores the original surface composition and gives a dry seal finish that lasts 1 to 2 years. It is the only dry rot preventative product line on the market that is the best tire dressing to prevent dry rot. RENEW-PRO does not have a silicone foundation. RENEW-PRO products offer a totally new way of restoring and preserving surfaces for tire treatment to prevent dry rot. The products are designed to provide optimum protection and durability, minimizing the need for product purchases and treatments.

SATN, BLAK, GLOZ, DASH, and SPA are RENEW-PRO top products that are designed to restore and protect the color and integrity of rubber, plastic, vinyl, tires, trim, bumpers, interiors, and more. RENEW-PRO was created to go above and beyond the original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) requirements for genuine restoration of tire dry rot treatment. SATN, BLAK, GLOZ, DASH, and SPA provide a dry-seal finish that is a plasticizer-rich and elastomeric polymer. Zinc and titanium oxides are also utilized in RENEW-PRO products to prevent UV and ozone. 

The dry seal prevents dirt and water while providing a new appearance that lasts 1 to 2 years. Surfaces that have been treated simply need to be cleaned on a regular basis using a light detergent and/or water. This technique also helps to prevent "blooming" and "off-gassing" and improves the preservation of OEM protection components on surfaces.   

CONCLUSION: Fading and tire dry rot can be slowed by the application of BLAK, SATN, GLOZ, or DASH, but once tires, plastic, or vinyl are cracked, dry rot cannot be stopped, and replacement of the tire is the safest option. 





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