Add 200% + Longevity for Signs, Vinyl, Awnings

Reduce glass cleaning by 50%

New or Restored Surfaces – Self-Cleaning, Hydrophobic Ceramic Seal.

RP.12 and GLAS2 are unique, one- to four- year wipe-on or spray-on blend of titanium, aluminum, zinc, carbon, and quartz nano-ceramics in an H2O base. GLAS2 creates a 8h Mohs covalent bond, UV-block, self-cleaning, hydrophobic seal. The ceramic seal blocks adherence of dirt, ice, graffiti, and environmental/industrial micro-contaminants. Applications can be layered for greater longevity. RP.12 & GLAS2 are VOC-compliant TiO2 and water base ceramics. D3 |  RENEW PROTECT RP.12 and GLAS2 create a more durable ceramic seal and do not pit or encourage water spotting as silica base ceramics. GLAS2, our fully titanium base ceramic, is are designed for less shine and recommended for the signage and commercial industries .

1) Used as final coating / added protection for all new exterior signage.
2) Maintenance service and product reapplication for all exterior signs on location.

 Product Info:

                    • Water-based solvent
                    • Can be applied over vinyl (& digitally printed) graphics
                    • Can be sprayed or wiped on
                    • 2-4 Year outdoor durability
                    • Self-cleaning, hydrophobic UV block
                    • Drying time: 30 minutes. Immediately not tacky. Fully sets in 12hrs
                    • Temperature range for application: 50 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit
                    • Graffiti protection (markers, spray paint)
                    • Light gloss enhancement


                    • Coverage rate, spray @ 2-3 microns, 5200 ft2/gal
                    • Coverage rate, wipe-on @ 3 microns, 4000 ft2/gal
                    • Clear, nano -ceramic, covalent bond to substrate
                    • Pencil hardness, 8h
                    • Percent solids: 21%
                    • Odor (liquid): slight
                    • V.O.C. exempt, zero halogens
                    • Dry to touch (time @ ambient): 10 min. average
                    • UV block