BLAK - Semi-Permanent Protectant | Tire, Plastic + Vinyl, 100% OEM Restoration, Dry Rot Prevention, RV, Aircraft Deicing Boot, Boat - Motorcycle - ATV - UTV & Golf Cart-SAFE!

  • Creates a rich, carbon black, semi-gloss finish on tires, trim, bumpers, rubber, plastic, vinyl, seals, aircraft wing walks & deicing boot, and more

  • Forms a DURABLE POLYMER/CERAMIC DRY-SEAL with titanium and zinc oxides and nano-oxides that protects surfaces from UV and ozone

  • PREVENTS DRY ROT and FADING while FULLY RESTORING the elements of the original manufacturing (OEM) process

  • BLAK-sealed tires REPEL DIRT, WATER, SNOW, and ICE and do not require tire cleaner products



Use RENEW-PRO BLAK to restore the weathered and faded surfaces of tires, trim, vinyl, and plastics with a rich and durable black luster. BLAK is a semi-permanent treatment that protects surfaces from UV and ozone, prevents dry rot, and is SAFE to use on motorcycles and golf carts.

BLAK restores the deep black color and shine on exterior surfaces by replenishing the color, plasticizers, and polymers which have been lost to usage and exposure. BLAK is formulated to create a tough dry seal that repels dirt and water and can withstand repeated cleaning with mild soap.

RENEW-PRO offers a completely new approach to surface restoration and preservation. Almost all protectants currently on the market contain petrochemical solvents that slowly degrade surfaces and actually contribute to fading and dry rot. Unlike those “protectants,” RENEW-PRO is silicone and oil-free and contains no harsh or slippery chemicals.

Tip: BLAK can also be used as a base coat. Apply one coat of BLAK and then apply a coat of GLOZ for an intensified look and enhanced protection.


The samples you sent worked great! We’d like to set up an account for purchasing by the gallon.

Mike Engler, Caddie Master, Colorado Golf Club

"We are currently using it on all our showroom bikes and the detail guys luv it."

Candy, Wow Motorcycles

"Todos estos productos son fantásticos y personalmente estoy muy contenta con los resultados. Los he probado todos. Son fáciles de aplicar y protegen mis vehículos de la naturaleza. Por supuesto que tengo preferencias GLOZ hace que el interior de mis autos brille, el Blak mantiene mi moldura exterior luciendo brillante y como nueva. Recientemente, aplique el RP.11 en todo el exterior de uno de mis vehículos y estoy encantada con los resultados. Recomiendo estos productos 100%."

Adriana Chasalow

"I use BLAK on my 2002 Mini Cooper and it really did bring the black trim back to looking new. It has held up throughout the long hot summer here in Arizona where the car is outside in all weather. There is no sign of 'greying' again as we had with other products."

Shirley Blahak, President, Arizona Mini Owners
"This is very safe for motorcycles tires. I know because I've had this on my motorcycle's tires for about two years and use it nearly every day for transportation and never had any problem with the tires maintaining traction. This is the only product I will use on my motorcycle tires that always works and is very safe."

E.R. Garnett